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Touch IT Technologies, a 100% Swazi company opened shop in August 2012, has been in operation since then to date. Touch IT is an ICT company focusing in delivering unified communication solutions, hence is known as a Unified Communication Services Provider. Touch IT is a holder of a general electronic communications (GEC) license, awarded by Swaziland Communication Commission, thus has a mandate to provide internet and related services in Swaziland.

The company has 24 permanent and fully-qualified employees, with offices at Printpak Building and Carters Mall, Industrial Site Mbabane. Our offices include among others a fully operational Customer Support Centre which operates 7 days a week, and is always reachable for customer support.

Touch IT’s mission is being the global leader in unified communication solutions. Unified communication solutions put in simpler terms is full office automation, LAN, WLAN, IP phone system, IP cameras, VPN connectivity among branches. The IP phone system, based on the neutral individual licenses SCCOM now awards to operators in Swaziland ensures that customers really see the benefit of using services from all operators like Swazi MTN to make office outgoing calls, as well as receive incoming calls into the office through Swazi MTN SIM cards. Traditionally PABX phone systems were fully compliant to PSTN lines, which limited customers from cost saving in communication costs.

All Touch IT employees are from local Universities, University of Swaziland, Limkokwing University, Swaziland College of Technology, Institute Development Management and are fully qualified with Bachelors Degrees, Honors Degree, Associate Degrees and Advanced Diplomas. The skillset ranges from knowledge of Wireless Networks, with emphasis on WIFI, IP Data Networking, Traditional networks like GSM, UMTS, WCDMA, LTE, CDMA, ADSL, SDH, etc.

Touch IT Technologies is the only training partner for Ubiquiti Networks, the leader WIFI Equipment in the world, has trained more than 100 Swazis already on WIFI including Touch IT technical staff.

Meet our dedicated Staff

Sthembiso Dlamini

Position: CEO

Mobile: +26879064010

Email: sthembiso@touchitnetworks.com

Comfort Manyatsi

Position: CTO

Mobile: +26879064028

Email: comfort@touchitnetworks.com

Temalungelo Ndlangamandla

Position: Finance Manager

Mobile: +26879064014

Email: tema@touchitnetworks.com

Ncamiso Matsebula

Position: Marketing Manager

Mobile: +26879064012

Email: ncamiso@touchitnetworks.com




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